Hello! This neocities site is a placeholder forAria's Cool Old-skool Web Sight Maker 2000. The whole thing is still a work in progress.

Here's what it does, from the readme:

Do you like to create freeform web sights by hand, hate frameworks with hundreds of "reasonable defaults", but would like the convenience of maintainable layouts and preprocessing languages?
Aria's Cool Old-skool Web Sight Maker 2000 is my super simple, close to the metal, Pug, Markdown & Stylus-based static site generator. It's for the punks keeping the human web alive. The tough broads and/or bros who already know enough HTML and CSS to hate it.

First you run ACOWSM2k on your local machine. Then you edit your site using a mix of pug, markdown, stylus, javascript, coffee, css, html files, jaypegs, midi, whatever esoterica you fancy.
Changes are continually compiled to HTML, CSS and JS, and automatically reloaded in your browser.
Once your art is OK hand emoji, you punch in a terminal invocation to sync that bad boy on the tubes.

Fancier static site generators have a whole lot of opinions to make it effortless to create super boring black text on white background flat design big photos front-end flexbox framework medium like and share on facebook and subscribe made with a heart emoji in a San Francisco coffee shop by some hustling trust fund baizuo normie who doesn't even watch anime.

ACOWSM2k, by contrast, only has two opinions:

This is not a complex framework. This is more of a curation of nope.js javascript libraries piped together to make a very specific workflow painless. A modpack, if you will.

Curious about ACOWSM2k? Here's how it's gonna work:

First, you install my script using nope.js. (It's not released yet BTW, just showing you how it's gonna work).

Then, you run it on your machine, and it watches the filesystem for changes:

You make your site using a mix of Pug templates, Stylus stylesheets, Markdown files, jaypegs, Coffeescript, raw HTML, JS and CSS, and they get reloaded live in your browser the second CTRL-S in your editor.

This is what this page looks like in my editor:

And yes, it's possible to generate many different color schemes just by changing one color in the stylus file:

Next, you sync up the site, and the files that changed are uploaded. Neocities API is already supported, rsync coming next.

That's it. You're seeing the results.